bridget bougan


skype: bridgetbougan

Commission Information

I am closed for commissions as of June 10th 2013

Depending on the complexity or size of the picture, these may vary.

$15 for first character, $5 for each additional. • Done in pretty much whatever basic medium you wish. Can be colorized, or floodfilled at no extra cost.

Inked Drawing
$25 • Simple black and white inks, with spot blacks or full on coloring book. Can add 1 to 3 tones of flat grayscale for another $2 per tone.

Color: Basic
$30 for first character, $15 for each additional. • This is a more basic colored image, generally with a minimalist background and full line-art. Cel shading or painted under inks/sketch.

$60 for first character, $30 for each additional character. • This can either be a full scene with a distinct background, or any kind of digitally painted piece.

$?? • I don't really have the means to scan any animation on paper, but I can do both symbol and traditional animation in Flash or TV Paint. I'm not up for doing a whole film or anything crazy but I'm willing to do short loops of animation (think blinking, smiling, going back and forth between a few poses) for less than $100 depending on what you want. I'm thinking a simple bust with two facial expressions might hover around $50. I can do your icons or avatars! :D

Payment Options:

Right now I'm only accepting payments through PayPal. I take half the price of the commission up front, as a deposit. If you cancel before I make significant headway, you will get either some or all of it back, depending on the progress.